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Co-operative housing for students in downtown Toronto, providing a home to over 750 post-secondary students throughout the school year.
During the summer months Neill -Wycik opens its doors to travelers from across the world, becoming Toronto Backpackers Hotel.
Neill -Wycik has always donated meeting space to community improvement groups as.

Gesture of co-operative spirit.
These groups have come to think of Neill -Wycik members as potential contributors and constantly invite involvement.
Since one of the groups publishes a newspaper, members are.

Neill -Wycik Co-operative College, located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a student residence with over 700 rooms, accommodating 2 Neill -Wycik is a co-op, which means that the residents/members are also considered owners.
Members are given opportunities to make decisions.
Neill -Wycik Backpackers Hotel.